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Don’t let your hair speak about your age. Say goodbye to baldness with our proven procedures

Hair loss or recession should not turn out to be a disadvantage for an attractive look as it upsets you from looking engaged. Regardless of the reasons why hair loss occurs, the end results are quite upsetting.
Call it a genetic disorder or hereditary or any other cause, baldness at an early age is a disturbing factor. You may feel low and discomfort as it taunts your appearance while moving everywhere.
Get rid of this pressure and feel comfortable with ‘Unique hair transplant’ clinic’s trustworthy treatment processes.
Unique hair transplant clinic facilitates you with the proven procedures of hair transplant techniques that ensure your hair gets restored all again with grace.
A well-organized infrastructure, the successful team providing happy results for many years is the part of our success.
It is not done yet, combined with care in treatment processes, monitoring your condition in long run, even after the treatment we assure that we assist you.
You feel secure, healthy as before and no fear of pain, skin allergies with the proven procedures that we implement

How we make it happen?

What determines the choice of treatment is “Is it a gradual hair thinning, a sudden hair loss, or permanent baldness?” and “Which area of the head is subjected to hair loss?”

On proper examination of your hairline on above factors first, we analyze the hair loss area whether it is at the front, back or crown or sides of the hairline. The hair loss area is being tested to check whether the treatment can be applied or not.

From the healthy hair growing site of a person, some area is removed and then transplanted on the affected area.

This is done by dividing the hair into grafts or tiny follicles. These are implanted on recession area smoothly and accurately by our well-experienced surgeons.

This crucial part is carefully handled to avoid any complications in future.

Though hormonal imbalances are one of the main reasons to quote, other noticeable causes being ‘after effects’ of major surgeries, post pregnancy effects, improper functioning of thyroid gland and autoimmune system and similar issues tend to create hair loss.
In women, baldness causes due to effects and hair thinning are more common and less percentage of women are affected
Hair transplant in men is entirely different from hair transplant in women. In men hair loss pattern is predictable. Though the hair loss and growth factors are different, hair transplantation can be undoubtedly done for both male and female.

Hair transplantation in men and women

Hair recession is common in men and Male pattern baldness can be observed for every 4 out of 8 men. Di Hydro Testosterone or DHT has a great influence in causing male pattern baldness. To control the effect of DHT, a drug named ‘propecia’ is being introduced which controls the DHT production and thereby increasing the hair follicle growth.

‘Minoxidil’ is an externally applied or topical solution that shows a considerable growth in the hair at an average rate of medium density. It yields a bit slow results as when the solution when applied passes through all the three stages of follicle development for re-growth.

When talking about Hair recession in women, hair thinning is more common and rarely baldness is observed in women.

Regrown hair will not be healthier in female pattern baldness as hair turns even thinner than before.

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What are the types of Hair Transplant?

On a basic level hair transplant techniques mainly being performed are two

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Direct Hair Transplant (DHT)

In FUE Unit wise or each hair follicle wise some of the hair being taken out from the healthy grown area (referred as donor site) and then implanted on hair loss area. So the density of the hair changes in both the places.
Things to note in FUE procedure are

  • Donor site should be a healthy growing hair site
  • Hair extracted from donor site randomly is not noticeable
  • No follicle tissues are taken out for transplantation
  • This can be better applicable in cases where there is a minimal area of baldness.
  • Less healing time
  • The grafts are allowed to dry for some duration to prevent any infections.

An advanced method of this kind is Bio-stimulated FUE or simply BIO- FUE procedure. Hereafter extracting tiny grafts from the donor site, to improve the hair density in donor site regenerative cells are being infused which helps in growing new hair quickly. This helps in maintaining uniform density all over. The extracted hair is processed and inducted in the same way as in FUE.

Now when there is more hair loss area then FUT is chosen. Here

  • Follicular units are taken in a small group for transplantation to harvest
  • A small strip that is extracted is minute in diameter (less than 1mm
  • Naturalness in look after harvesting
  • Results are good and considerable as the harvesting area is more.
  • Perfect optimization of hair follicle units
  • Time to get uniform hair look would be considerably more.

DHT is a further improvement of FUE in which the extraction and implantation of grafts happen at the same time. This helps in reducing the out-of-body time of grafts to a minimum and hence improves the graft survival.

Why Choose Us

  • We do latest technique in affordable price.
  • Special needles are used for anesthesia so that complete procedure remain virtually pain free.
  • 1500+ successfull surgries since 2011.
  • Our grafts wastage during extraction is less than 2% as compared to a normal 30% of other.
  • Extraction speed of grafts is one of the highest in the India (1500 to 1800 grafts per hour) 4000 to 4500 grafts are being extracted routinely.

Why Our Results are Awesome

  • Experinced staff since 2011.
  • Minimum grafts wastage.
  • Grafts out of the body time is less then other clinic.
  • Ultra hygenic O.T. (Operating Theater)
  • Hair Extracted speed 1500 to 1800 grafts per hour and Hair implanted speed (1000 to 1200) grafts in one hour.

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