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Hair Loss

You often observe these words while someone says “My hair is thinning day by day”; “I can see patches of hair on my head”. In fact, these problems with hair loss recreate a new problem, which is worrying.
Do we hunt for the reasons why hair loss occurs? And How to get back healthy hair look?

To better understand what happens with hair while growing, we can quickly scan how a life cycle of hair functions at every stage. The life cycle of hair is of three stages. There is no exception that every strand of hair has to pass through that life cycle.
In the First stage called Anagen hair starts growing and this consumes a maximum percentage of overall hair growth.

The second stage (Catogen) is of less duration about 10 days but during this, the growth of the hair follicles growth will be hardly 10% which indicates the hair is resting maximum time in this phase.

And the disaster that takes place is in the third stage (telogen) where the hair becomes thin and starts shedding away. Now new hair starts growing to begin its cycle. To just brief up the causes of hair loss and remedies to cure hair loss,   

Firstly stating the common causes of hair loss in both men and women
As compared to olden days hair loss related issues became predominant because of one of the major external factors stress.

Stress – It could be both cases of physical and mental effects. What happens with these effects is the hair undergoes a kind of a shock when met with stresses and because of which the shedding phase comes early. Illness, accidents, surgeries, drugs and medicines, mental pressure, suffering all these enhance hair fall.

Apart from this unhealthy lifestyle and diet, pollution, use of strong and powerful chemicals included in shampoos, hair creams, hair dyes, hair colors also affect a lot at the basic hair loss level.

Hair fall is considered normal if it is about 50 to 100 strands per day. Beyond that, hair recession gradually leads to hair thinning day by day and takes to a level of alopecia or baldness.

Firstly we have to check with any medical reasons for hair loss must be found before opting for any treatment

Hair loss due to thyroid issues

The improper functioning of thyroid gland causes thyroid issues. It may be excessive production of thyroid hormones or low production of thyroid hormones that are produced in the gland and circulate in the blood of the human body.
This has a drastic effect on hair which contributes to hair loss, and dryness of hair.

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