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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment – Hair is an important part of a person’s personality, which is why when someone starts to see more hair on their comb than on their head, they start to worry. However, hair fall is much more common than most people would think and while a few hairs a day is considered normal hair loss, there is actually a fine line where it goes overboard and a hair fall treatment or baldness treatment or Hair Regrowth becomes necessary. Today, hair loss has become common with men as well as women, but so have methods of hair loss prevention & Hair Regrowth.

In the simplest of terms, the loss of hair from any part of the body, especially the head, is known as hair loss. There can many causes for hair loss, in fact, a range of reasons for hair loss, including genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions or even certain hair care products.

Natural solutions

The serious condition of hair fall is when falling of hair strands will be around 100 a day. Sudden hair fall occurs due to vitamin deficiency, improper functioning of few glands and hormones, or maybe because of illnesses. To supplement these deficiencies or in a process to treat diseases, natural food supplement is the ultimate solution.

This natural process gives a permanent remedy when followed from appropriate time and age as the process goes along with time. Remember this is an internal process and best suits in the cases where “prevention is better than cure”

Medical solutions

Some medicines and drugs are being prescribed by the doctor to eradicate hair loss gradually. In addition hair fall control shampoos and kits are also available. Medical solutions are of two types. Orally consumed and externally applied like oils and shampoos.

Herbal oils, Medicated pills for growth control hair fall in a good way. Most popular ones among Propecia and Minoxidil for hair growth and lessen hair loss.

These also work up to some extent where the hair loss is not a genetic disorder. It is observed that when people finish off the medicinal oral consumption the original situation comes back.


P.R.P therapy for hair loss is a treatment that involves drawing a patient’s own blood
it separates rich plasma from blood and injects in the affected area.

Surgical solutions

Surgery solutions are hair transplant techniques that are only suitable when there is considerable hair in donor area to extract. This shows ultimate permanent solution when everything else doesn’t work.

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  • Ultra hygenic O.T. (Operating Theater)
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