Hair Loss In Women

Due to hormonal imbalances, women lose hair at early ages even in teenage.

Hair fall due to PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome

PCOS is a disorder in endocrine system which affects the ovaries in women. Symptoms for this syndrome are excessive production of Androgens that cause male hormones on the body such as facial hair growth and also reduces the hair growth on the scalp causing baldness. It is also observed that hair follicles become weak due to PCOS.

Hair Loss In Women
Hair fall due to pregnancy

During pregnancy and after delivery the hair life cycles get disturbed and hair loss supplements are to be taken to compensate for hair loss. The hormones try to get back to their original level after a few months of delivery. This is also a major factor for loss of hair.

Hair loss due to infection in the scalp

There is a fungal infection called ringworm which is observed in the scalp of the hair. This is mainly seen in children and also in adults with improper hygienic conditions, through domestic animals or lack of cleanliness conditions. This causes round ring-like marks in the scalp. Some of these may also occur on skin and beard too.

Hair loss treatment

The best suitable hair loss treatment can be known once the condition of your hair is known thoroughly.

Medical diagnosis is extremely important to know the effect of hormonal imbalances of the body. If they are due to vitamin deficiencies or improper functioning of some glands then certain measures are to be taken to cure them medically only.

Apart from this certain measures are to be taken to trigger stress relieving techniques such as physical exercise, yoga etc.,

If the hair loss or baldness is after a certain age and is permanent, in order to get new confident looking styles by implementing hair transplant techniques and these can be done effectively by unique hair transplant.

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