Cosmetology – Everything about your hair and skin which get enhanced to look a bit more fashionable and beautiful in appearance can be achieved through our effective cosmetic services.

An interesting variation of our nonsurgical cosmetic services include

  • Removal of hair in body parts, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and face permanently.
  • skin discoloration and anti-aging techniques
  • fat reduction procedures
  • Hair setting and treatment such as coloring, dying and bleaching.


Choose your favorite trend of hairstyle and get it done right now.

Our hair treating services include impressive coloring of your hair may be blonde, pale yellow, brunette, bleached, dyed, silver fox and more. In addition, bleaching, dying, conditioning of hair to resist breakage, hair gain therapy, and modern hair settings based on your desired styles to match your intimate, formal and party occasions all well offered with updated fashion.
Most importantly we facilitate with hair extensions such as attaching wigs and artificial hair attachments in a secure and natural looking way to match your hairline.
When you wish to choose artificial hair extensions we take intricate care in providing natural color look- alike fiber made hair that ensures the original look and so mingles with your hair color.
Unique hair transplant has licensed and experienced Cosmetologists that have a handful of experience while treating with chemicals in the case of conditioning and treating hair safely and in addition, they have renowned practice in case of hair attachments.
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Why Choose Us

  • We do latest technique in affordable price.
  • Special needles are used for anesthesia so that complete procedure remain virtually pain free.
  • 1500+ successfull surgries since 2011.
  • Our grafts wastage during extraction is less than 2% as compared to a normal 30% of other.
  • Extraction speed of grafts is one of the highest in the India (1500 to 1800 grafts per hour) 4000 to 4500 grafts are being extracted routinely.

Why Our Results are Awesome

  • Experinced staff since 2011.
  • Minimum grafts wastage.
  • Grafts out of the body time is less then other clinic.
  • Ultra hygenic O.T. (Operating Theater)
  • Hair Extracted speed 1500 to 1800 grafts per hour and Hair implanted speed (1000 to 1200) grafts in one hour.

Our Presence

Jalandhar, Mohali, Chandigarh, Jagroan, Ludhiana, Delhi, Hissar, Bathinda

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