Acne and Anti ageing treatments

Acne Treatment

Scars, pimples, and acne are permanently treated through the UV treatment. This is the most famous and widely used procedure. You will have the freshness feel of the skin. Anti-aging treatment heels the folded skin through the laser to restore in its shape. These are completely safe procedures.

In addition, we offer other skin related cosmetic services such as Pigmentation treatment, chemical peeling, Laser vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty.

Acne Treatment

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How acne occurs?

Acne Treatment

It begins with the clogging of the pore. Skin cells are in a steady state of regeneration. As old cells die, they are sloughed off to divulge the fresh skin. But if you are acne prone, these dead skin cells start clogging.

Acne Treatment

These dead skin cells start to accumulate inside the pore; cells become sticky and get trapped inside the pore to form a plug. This condition is referred to as “Microcomedone”.

Acne Treatment

Changes in hormones trigger the more oil production inside the pore. In the acne-prone skin, skin starts shedding more dead skin cells which result in the blockage forming the optimum environment for acne-causing bacteria i.e. P. Acnes.

Acne Treatment

Oil (sebum) in the skin serves as the nutrient for the bacterial proliferation. This results in the inflammation and redness on the blocked pore.

Acne Treatment

After the inflammation, there is a formation of tender bump filled with puss, known as a pimple or acne.

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